Treatment Protocol


Before we start any type of treatment, as it is done in other medical branches, an initial dental examination is necessary. This stage is essential in establishing a correct diagnosis and creating a personalized treatment plan. Many people are reluctant when it comes to the first interaction with the doctor because of previous unpleasant experiences. The first visit is the basis of establishing the patient-doctor harmony and trust. That is why it is very important to be sincere, open, to communicate all of your problems to the doctor which is examining you.
We continue with:
  • filling in the medical information gathered in order to make a patient general health profile (all personal data is filed and protected according to confidentiality laws and will be used only for preparing a good treatment plan)
  • making the clinical exam
  • examining the X-rays.
The clinical data allows us to understand objectively the general health situation of the patient, so that we can establish a correct diagnosis and identify the best treatment options for each individual case.

Considering also the patient’s requests, we can prepare different versions of treatment plans, which also have a financial estimation, thus helping the patient make an informed choice, according to his/ her needs and the expectations.

The steps we follow in order to get to know each person better:

  1. Anamnesis – establishing the medical history
  2. Oral cavity examination
  3. Taking pictures of videos of the patient’s oral cavity and face
  4. Preliminary diagnosis
  5. Preliminary discussion.

  1. Professional cleaning
  2. Presentation of the treatment plan specific for the patient’s need and problems.

If the patient wishes, the two stages can be done in one visit.

The patients who need complex treatments will receive the cost evaluation after the initial consultation, the detailed analysis of the case and establishment of the treatment plan. The patient will know all the costs involved before the treatment starts.