Our services address patients from any country, who need professional medical expertise and quality treatments. Patients from outside Timisoara or outside Romania can send an X-Ray via e-mail to be checked by the doctor before the face-to-face meeting occurs. However, just an X-Ray cannot substitute the initial dental exam and cannot lead to a correct diagnosis. Before we start any treatment, as in other fields of medicine, an initial diagnosis exam is necessary. This stage is essential in establishing a correct diagnosis and making a personalized treatment plan. We know that you put a lot of effort to reach us and we promise to be as efficient as possible according to the time the patient has, but without compromising the quality of the services we offer. We can prolong the treatment sessions, in order to reduce the times you need to travel, but the quality is the one that comes first for us, that is why we don’t believe in ”one week dentistry”.

The initial exam includes:

  • the initial general dental exam and the one for each specialty
  • taking intra and extra oral photos
  • establishing the general and specific diagnosis
  • simulation of the final situation: digital, on study models, directly in the mouth
  • esthetic and functional reevaluation
  • treatment plan
  • estimation of costs
  • the written consent of the patient after the preview of the final situation and after explaining the treatment plan.

We provide counseling starting with the planning of your trip, establishing together the best choice of accommodation and/or transportation. Also, at the patient’s request, according to the available time, we can make also a touristic visit plan.