A root canal treatment is necessary when the cavities are not treated on time and they extend affecting the root of the teeth. The cavity extends through the dentin and reaches the pulp chamber.

An endodontic treatment implies the removal of the pulp from the root canal or canals which are infected. All the root canal treatments at our clinic are performed under the microscope.

Using the magnification and special lighting, we reduce errors in this very sensitive treatment such as missing a canal, making a hole through it, or leaving behind needles or other endodontic materials to the minimum. A complete root canal treatment doesn’t only reduce the pain, but also enhances the chances of survival for the tooth, thus obtaining the basis for a long term prosthetic restoration or an odontotherapy treatment.

The pulp is the vital element of the tooth, being made of cells which produce odontoblasts for the dentin, the blood vessels and nerves. When it becomes infected, it needs to be totally removed and the canal totally sealed.

These two procedures: cleaning the canal and sealing it tridimensional are extremely important for keeping the tooth on the long term and avoiding complications generated by the persistence of the infection in the root canals incompletely treated.

Teeth which have endodontic treatment need afterwards a restorative treatment (prosthetic restoration), so that they don’t fracture.