The treatment of cavities is the most common problem that a dentist encounters in the daily work.

The cavity:

  • is a disease that affects the crown of the tooth starting from the enamel or from the occlusive fosses
  • it is produced by bacteria which remains after a bad hygiene and is enhanced by some diseases, like diabetes and a diet high in carbohydrates (sugars)
  • it affects most frequently babies, children and young people
  • it can be prevented with the help of a good hygiene and by sealing the fosses
  • the best solution for preventing it is prophylactics!

The longevity of the tooth in our mouths depends on the way a cavity is treated. From a small, untreated cavity, we can end up having a root canal treatment and/ or lose the tooth altogether, thus having to spend more money and time than by taking care of our hygiene and treating the cavities at an early stage.

The sealing of the teeth is especially recommended to children once the permanent teeth have erupted. This technique involves filling the fosses of the teeth with a liquid resin, which is polymerized, hardened and which forbids the retention of food remains