The orthodontic treatment applies not only children, but also adults. This kind of treatment addresses dental, facial-esthetic, occlusion and temporo-mandibular joint problems. This kind of treatment also plays an important role in the facilitation of a minimally-invasive restorative treatment and contributes to the long term periodontal health.
For each correct orthodontic treatment the doctor needs to make a complex diagnosis which helps to make an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

The orthodontic diagnosis is done after analyzing the following:

  • photos and videos of the patient’s mouth and entire face
  • X-ray examination
  • oral cavity models placed in the dento-maxillar simulator
  • orthodontic set-up, which implies the switching of the teeth’s position on the cast models before the actual treatment occurs.

We work not only with the classical techniques, but also with the modern ones such as Incognito and Invisalign. We recommend each patient the type of treatments which is the most suitable for his/her case.

The orthodontic treatment consists of two different stages: the active stage, in which the orthodontist activates the orthodontic braces in order to move the teeth in the desired position and, the passive stage, in which the results are maintained through a passive device. The duration and type of the device in both stages differ from patient to patient, taking into account the problems and the age.

The orthodontic treatment is used a lot for moving the teeth in a favorable position so that prosthetic treatments are as minimally invasive as possible (the dental preparation is minimum or even inexistent, when the teeth are prepared for veneers, crowns or bridges).