It is much easier to prevent than to treat.

The way in which we maintain our teeth is very important for the prevention of cavities, but also of periodontal disease. The team of doctors and nurses will offer you support regarding the correct hygiene of the teeth.

The fact that a patient has any type of dental works (veneers, crowns, bridges) doesn’t prevent the occurrence of cavities or periodontal disease. That is why, even after finishing the treatments, we monitor our patients through recalls and periodical dental cleanings, in order to maintain the good results for as long as possible.

During the recall sessions, the patient is checked by the doctor and is also given check-up x-rays when necessary.

The patients who have prosthetic restorations on their own teeth or on implants need periodical checks for the bite (the way in which the teeth touch each other). The change in bite is a normal, physiological phenomenon, which needs the care of a specialized doctor, who can intervene when necessary. The bite is directly responsible for the longevity of the teeth and the implants.

Periodical fluoridations make the teeth resistant to the occurrence of cavities.

If you haven’t been for more than a year for a dental check-up, it’s time you made an appointment, before problems start to occur.