I have periodontitis, which had its debut before I was 30 years old. Now, I am 42, I have visited several doctors and the result is that...I have only 14 teeth left in my mouth. In the end, your clinic was recommended to me by a dentist who identified the gravity of the situation. I have to admit, it is not only a physical effort (because I live in Sibiu), but also a financial one. However, someone who has been through an experience like mine, places a great value on an impeccable smile. What I can say more is that this is a clinic I never even dreamt would exist in Romania and, believe me, I have been to many - from the extraordinary cleanliness, to the organization, to the professional way of treating each patient. The medical team here found a solution to all my dental problems – a different one from the usual dental prosthesis. Congratulations and many thanks!

Borca Claudia

In 2006 I first came to dr. Baldea’s dental practice at the recommendation of a work colleague. At that time, my smile was totally destroyed by the multiple dentists who had treated me before. I had other problems, less visible, but still bad enough. The team here treated my teeth, gave me back my smile and through this, also my self confidence. Since then, I changed many things in my life, but not my dentist. Although I don’t live in Romania anymore, I always returned for the check-ups, new treatments or any other problems, just because I know here I receive the correct treatment with attention to the details of my problem. I have total trust in all the team of doctors, because they are very passionate about what they do, they work until late at night when it is necessary, they use modern technology and offer a lot of attention and respect to the patient. I always received detailed explanations, in simple words, so that I could understand, about the treatment I was going to get, the alternatives and the explanations for the choices made. I am very happy with the services I received, with the results and my new smile which is owed to the dental team at Dr. Baldea Clinic.

Andreea Tau

Dr. Bâldea Dental Clinic is one of the most professional clinics I have ever seen and I don’t limit this observation only to the dental field. From the entrance you are welcomed by a calm and relaxing atmosphere, which doesn’t let you feel stressed at all and the cleanliness is impeccable. Your problems are evaluated and discussed together with the dentist and only then the work is started, which is done in great cleanliness and order, with the latest technology, but also with empathy and maximum respect for the client. You will never hear “it can’t be done” or “we will try” in this clinic, only “it will be done” and in my case it was really done and I am really satisfied. Congratulations for what you are and I am really happy you exist!

Stepan Ovidiu

I had the pleasure to have treatments done in this clinic and I am very pleased with them. It is a welcoming, warm place, with really good doctors and nurses, who are really attentive and nice with the patients, and who offer really quality services. You have all my respect and admiration!

Alexandru Iuga

Sincere thanks for the treatments! My respects for all the clinic’s personnel, from the frontdesk, to the nurses and to the doctors! I am very satisfied with the collaboration with the doctors here, especially with dr. Bogdan Baldea and dr. Dragos Popescu. The environment and the treatments were really good and I warmly recommend this clinic for anyone who needs professional dental treatments.

Șuclea Viorel

I became the patient of DR. BÂLDEA DENTAL CLINIC as of lately. During all of my visits I had different treatments and I am also undergoing an orthodontic treatment. This is how I had the chance to meet some of the team members who have always shown professional conduct at the highest level, from all points of view. WE FREE YOUR SMILE is the best motto for this clinic.

Pavel Ana

I really loved it here, it is very clean, everything is new and modern and the overall experience is wow! I especially liked the fact that in the waiting area you can read books such as Soup for the soul! Congratulations!

Aurel Rusu

For beautiful teeth, without pain, in a nice environment!

Pavel Mădălina-Mihaela

Not many people can say that they can’t wait to go to the dentist. However, even after the first visit, all the anxiety is gone. The friendly atmosphere and, at the same time, professional attitude of all the staff makes you get rid easily of the dentist phobia. Congratulations to dr. Bâldea and his team for the patience and professional behavior they showed each time I had an appointment.

Radu Andrei

A team of professionals and very friendly people!

Leila Al Barri

From my side you have only praises and recommendations! I am very satisfied! Moreover, my family is as well, because we all come at your clinic and we are very happy with the treatments!

Radu Tudor

For me, the team in this clinic is a high-class one, professional, each doctor with his/ her specialty, people open to continuous learning and professional development, who offer very safe and innovative treatments.

Lucaci Raluca

Really nice ambient, highly-qualified personnel, nice people - I recommend the clinic to all people who want super smiles!

Raluca P.

I’ve always been afraid of the dentist, but even after the first visit in the clinic, all my fears disappeared. This is thanks to the nice ambiance and the professional conduct of the whole team.

Roxana Pădureanu

I would like to tell you that I am very satisfied with the experience I had in the clinic and that your services are extraordinary. I know Dr. Baldea for a long time now and I can say he is one of the most professional dentists I ever had contact with. I can confess that at this moment in time, you are at a professional level at which most just aspire and I wish you to continue in this manner!

Frenț Valentin

Dr. Bâldea Clinic – is a clinic of high European standards, where even the most scared patient will come with pleasure and trust! Starting from the frontdesk, the fear and stereotypes related to the dentist disappear. I had the pleasure to discover wonderful people in this clinic, real professionals, starting with the frontdesk (Elena and Alina) and continuing with the nurses, doctors and technicians. I would like to thank once again those who handled my case, which is a very difficult one: dr. Giacomo Armani (the best dentist), nurse Iov Marinela, dr. Roxana Rugină (who did and continues to do wonders to my teeth), dr. Simona Bâldea (a real lady and an exceptional surgeon), nurse Liliana Drăghici and dental technician Larisa Onet. I recommend this clinic to everyone! It is impossible not to leave it with a big smile on your face!

Cobzariu Alina

After many failed trials to solve my dental problems, I was guided by a friend and came to Dr. Bâldea Dental Clinic. Here, I found a modern clinic, with quality services and experienced personnel. The doctors here had patience in explaining each step of the treatment, knew how to place a correct diagnosis and to offer optimum treatment solutions. I appreciated the good communication and the care they have for each patient, the overall cleanliness, the organization, but also the modern pain-free treatments.

Cristi Gheorghe

The first time I came to the clinic I was very impressed by the numerous work rooms, by the technology and the modernity of everything. I kept looking left-right and I was wow! During the treatments, the doctors were very receptive and attentive to my needs. I was going with trust and being relaxed and leaving the same. Also, I appreciated a lot the professional conduct and the flexibility of the doctors. I am happy about everything overall and I can say that for me, the experience in this clinic was like going from normal toothbrush to electronic toothbrush.

Ivanovici Mădălina
I came at dr. Baldea’s dental practice in 2005, not without being nervous. Back then, the team was at the beginning of the career and the doctors were young, full of enthusiasm, having the wish to do great things and to work with the latest novelties in the field, and who changed my perception about the visit at the dentist. I had many treatments during the years, some of them complicated and long term, but I have noticed that the enthusiasm persists and they still work with the latest innovations in the field. The wish to affirm themselves has been maintained during the years and has materialized in this new and beautiful clinic. I strongly recommend this clinic which makes you feel like you are visiting a group of friends and not the dentist.

Nicolaie Ciurlă
When you first enter dr. Baldea’s Dental Clinic it feels as if you are transported in another world, in which everything is modern, clean and created to answer the requests of any person.
Until I met Simona, Lili and Dragos, I never thought that I will visit the dentist willingly. I am their patient for more than seven years and all the time when I come, even for a cleaning it feels as if I am visiting old friends. The clinic’s team encouraged me and gave me the hope that I will have a wonderful smile at the end of the treatment. I am thrilled even now by the kindness and understanding with which every patient is received. I felt relaxed and safe even when the treatments were more complicated, because I knew that I will have an exceptional and pain-free treatment.
I will never hesitate to recommend them for their professionalism and the care offered to patients. The clinic’s team will always have my admiration for the talent and knowledge that they always prove. I will always be thankful for freeing my smile and showing me what it means to have healthy teeth.

Emanuela Ianc
Afraid of the dentist? Not valid since 2008, the year in which I met Dr. Baldea’s team. The first treatment was relatively difficult, but the entire procedure was not painful at all. Bogdan asked me all the time how I feel and ensured me that all was ok.
High professionalism, understanding and approachable? Valid for the whole team! Bogdan explains in detail the treatment plan, discusses the options and answers with patience to the tens of questions that you might have. Once you are seated you will feel a relaxing atmosphere, all worries disappear because Bogdan aspires all the time, for each patient, towards perfection – he is a person who likes things done in the right way. In his hands, high-tech equipments, the microscope, etc. are used with a lot of dexterity and knowledge. With the same professionalism you will be greeted also by Dragos, plus a dose of gentility and seriousness. Lili ensures that you are comfortable and she pays great attention to all details during the surgical treatments.
Always smiling? Valid! The warm and freindly smile of Mona will greet you every time, and you will also leave the dental office smiling.
Recommended to all those who need a dentist? Of course – my sister and my mother, friends from Romania and abroad benefited from the services of Dr. Baldea Dental Clinic.

Ramona Ianc
On my first visit, I was anxious and sceptical as my experience with dentists in the UK (ever since I can remember), had not been great. I decided to visit Bogdan since he was recommended by a close friend and from the minute I met him, I could see why. Bogdan was welcoming, personable and clearly passionate about his profession. Bogdan took time to show me the equipment that would be used (demonstrating hygiene standards), explaining the process and answering my many questions.‎
I had visited Bogdan for two extractions/implants – by the time I finished, I had in addition, two further teeth capped and all my fillings replaced with porcelain white fillings. I felt Bogdan and his team worked to the highest standards and I was ecstatic with the end results. Not only was I never in any pain or discomfort when the team worked on my teeth, but the service was professional, the materials used were of the highest standards and my teeth now look and feel fantastic. In addition, the cost of all the work, travel and accommodation in total worked out to a lot less than I would have paid in London.‎
Three years on and at a recent visit to a dentist in London for a routine check up, I was told that my teeth are in great shape and whoever worked on them, did a fantastic job.
I will be forever grateful! ‎

Helen Andrews